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About Me

I remain in awe of the human capacity to survive and rise above seemingly impossible challenges when not left alone to do so. Just as amazing is how much that capability can wither or thrive depending on nearly imperceptible yet profound changes of thought or emotion. I find no greater satisfaction than contributing to those changes. 


You may find the most difficult times in your life to be those when you become most isolated and alone, even when living with someone. Allow me to provide you the independent support you need and deserve during these times so you can become free and truly thrive.

Experience, Training, Education

My experience as a therapist spans a wide range of ages and includes clinic, telehealth, high school and elementary school settings. I have focused on the treatment of trauma, including violence and emotional abuse, during both adulthood and childhood. I received extensive training and experience at YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley which specializes in these types of cases. My masters degree in counseling psychology was awarded by John F. Kennedy University (now part of National University System.)

Although I work well with all ages, I have found myself best attuned to adults and teens since I make extensive use of verbal communication during treatment.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked in science and engineering, in middle and high school level education, and on the side as a musician. I am typically recognized for my ability to engage with highly cognitive communicators, assisting them in navigating unfamiliar and uncomfortable emotional experiences and challenges. I have a passion and talent for presenting complex ideas in a plain and accessible manner. Couples have found me helpful in repairing their connection where there was a rupture in emotional attunement.

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